Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Week 8 One moment of faith

The day the doctor said "It IS cancer." At first it was like being kicked in the stomach, a lot! It took my breath away. It's almost as though the entire world had frozen...stopped...dead! At least MY world stopped I couldn't think of anything else. I had frogotten everything else. Forgotten that I had a family - sons, grandsons, a mom, aunts, uncles, cousing and friends too. I was completely ALONE... and then...suddenly...I wasn't! HE was here too! And I knew this cancer wouldn't kill me! It would make me verry, very, very sick. It would make me lose most of my hair. It would take me 2 or 3 years to regain my strength. But if would not kill me! Because HE told me. No, he didn't 'tell' me, but HIS Spirit made ne know it. That's my Moment!


Angie said...

That's a beautiful story!

Theresa said...

such honest journaling. you are doing a great job on the You in 52. I'm a little behind..

Theresa said...

Hi there..Happy Saturday!!! here is the link to the Mark's Paper Co.


that other link was to a blog that was giving away the paper. =)