Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Wow Eileen! two awards!!! Ok I haven't figured out how to get them from your blog to mine, but I'm sure I will, if I keep at it!

Let's see 10 honest things about me....

1.) I am 60 and don't color my hair to cover the gray anymore!
2.) I don't have nearly the patience I used to have.
3.) I have a shorter fuse too.
4.) I love good stories. Especially mysteries. My fave's are the British locked room
5.) I battle with PTSD on a fairly regular basis. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder,
for the uninitiated)
6.) I am very grateful for my online friends. You help me keep my mind out of that
sad place, Thank you!
7.) I am truely grateful to my Don, who knows me, and loves me anyway.
8.) I am way over weight, and need to lose about 25 or 30lbs.
9.) I love coffee, scrapping and card making, reading, cruising the web and my
Cricut, not necessarily in theat order!
10) I am disabled and almost unable to walk. I still push myself, but more than
10 or 15 feet, my back and hips hurt VERY badly. There's a wheelchair in
my near future.

Ok Now to decide who to send it too. Let's see......


So once I've figured out how to get the linky thing here on my blog I'll run over and tell them about it.

Thanks again Eileen, oh and by the way, if you hadn't been the one to send this, you'd have been on my list to give it to!

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eiyiyi said...

Hey Jess, I hate that you're in so much pain. The fact that your blog is a "joyful journey" says it all about your attitude. It's fabulous.