Sunday, July 26, 2009

Well, hey there!

I know I know, it's been too long. I see that I have gathered some followers, and no one is more surprized than me! So I guess I should make an effort to post more often. I really do appreciate everyone looking, it's just that I get so involved in looking at other's blogs that I just don't take the time to update my own! How silly is that.
My life goes pretty much the same everyday, as I am mom's only care giver. I have no siblings, so the only people to help are my boyfriend Don, and my two sons. The are all busy working to support their little families, so they have no time during the week to help with mom. And when Don gets home in the afternoon, we're both too tired to do much more than supper and a bit of TV.

Yes...I know I need to take care of myself, so I can take care of her, that's why I create.

I started in this paper world when I was invited to a Creative Memories home party or what ever you call them. That was about 20 years ago! I was immediately hooked, and decided to create books for both my boys. Starting with their birth and moving up to that time. I wanted to get them done by the following Christmas.(about 5 months, I think)

I had no idea what a challenge that would be! But I managed to get Matt's done by the first week in January, when he would be visiting. And I finished his brother's while he was there, so he could take it home and give it to Pete. I didn't want to ship it, because some of the photos are irreplacable. So I worked feverishly while Matt and his wife played in the snow. (I was living in NH then.) And I got it done!

Every now and then I love to look at their books again. So much time has passed since then. They've both changed partners, and are happy. My grandson Joseph is now a handsome young man of 21(In Oct). He has his job, his girlfriend and he's contemplating college. And all of that makes me happy.
And I have even gotten 2 more grandchildren! One of each... they are both teens, which is a challenging age, but they are still fun.

Mother is still being Mother, she is hard to get along with during the best of times. She's always been a 'my way or the highway' sort. So I knew living together would be a challenge. And it has been 8 years now! Some times she will argue with me just because she can. It's very frustrating...for both of us.
But we muddle along and my sweetheart is always there with a hug for me. And when I get really crazy, he frees up a little cash so I can go to the craft store! What a guy! He actually budgets in a few bucks a week for my obsession.

It's been a while since I made any scrapbook pages. I have journaled some stories, so there are some in readiness. But, I've been so busy trying to make cards and learning how to use my copics that I haven't had time for pages.

I went to wally world yesterday and got a short 3 drawer plastic chest for my Cricut to sit on. It was only $15! One of the drawers is dedicated to scraps. You should see it! Maybe I'll take a photo later. It's going to be easier to look through, tho. The top drawer has all my cd cases with my acrylic stamps, and the rubber that are still on wood. The bottom drawer is a catch all at the moment. Every one should have a junk drawer... right.... lol
When I moved the wood stamps, I free'd up a basket on my shelves. So I was thinking about getting better paper storeage. But I've already got an inkling about the paper storeage.
I have a wheeled cart that I used to use for going to crops. Since I don't go out to crops anymore, it's just got this and that in it. I was thinking about getting some file folders, then moving the paper to the cart.

Any body have any ideas what kind of files? I might go to the office supply storenext time I get some freedom, and see what they've got.

Well anyway... life goes on. And I'm still here...and you are all still there.... Arent' you? Hello....... Hello..... ok I'm just being silly....
I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. And will have a great week ahead.

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eiyiyi said...

We're all still here and glad to see you posting.