Sunday, August 9, 2009


I know some of you have cats, and so will empathize with me. But for those of you who don't, this is probly one of the reasons why you don't.

But a little bit of setting the stage (so to speak)first. We have been having a flea problem all summer. Every one here has, from what I hear. Our cats don't go out side, so the fleas ride in on our clothes. Our couch had been a freebie my son, Pete, got when Mom and I moved back to Charleston. And it was in good enough shape to use. But, after 6 years, the thing was sagging in all the wrong places and was getting more and more flea infested every day. So I finally got the men to get it out of here a couple of weeks back. So we have a lot more room in the living room. But, with it gone, there is nothing along the back side of my craft table any more.

I have a square black plastic box on the righthand side of my table. It holds all my cards received, and cards ready to be sent, address labels, receipts, blank envelopes, stamps etc, etc, etc. It's not a small box and it's hard plastic too.

Now some of you will understand when I say that as cats clean themselves, they sort of spread all over the place cleaning away. With not a care in the world about what is around them. And, of course, they would never deign to take a bath on the floor! So when something falls from the table they happen to be sitting on, they stop cleaning for a moment, and stare at the offending clutter, as if to say "Um.... I was busy here, if you wouldn't mind being a little more quiet." And they go back to cleaning.

Of course that's what happens when I'm watching, during the day.
I'm not sure what happens when it's dark, and there is no one up. You know, sort of like the hearing the tree falling in the forest question.

I hope which ever one did it, was scared out of her witts when the box.....full of stuff....hit the clear plastic box on the floor! I'm sure it made a resounding crash. I don't know how I didn't hear it! But when I got up this morning everything was all over the floor...table...plastic box...and my chair. I have no idea how the stuff got from the back of the table to the front and onto my chair. Curious how these things happen.
Those of you who are not morning people until you get your first cup of coffee, must understand what I was feeling when I saw the mess. Only the sure knowledge that I'd be sorry later kept me from grabbing the first one I saw and throtteling her! lol

Cats are wonderful pets, you don't have to walk them. They don't require a lot of attention, I love their attitudes (for the most part). The only thing you have to do is clean the litter box, and clean up after them from time to time. (Our youngest is the messiest eater!) And we love them, but I wasn't a happy camper the first thing this morning! But when I looked at our sweet, not so little anymore, girl snoozing on the windowsill, I was transformed from ugly...unhappy...ready to choke who ever crossed my path, woman. To an "Awwww look at that, isn't she a sweetie!" human who is owned by the cats who live here.

It's amazing how a pet can transform you like that. Of course I've gotten quite used to their quirks, as I've been owned by a cat for almost 10 years now. My Georgie, a black and white kitty, is getting old and gray, just like me. And Rebel, our younger girl, is the proud owner of a 6' 2" 250 pound man, who looks like Grizzly Adams most of the time. If people only knew how he melts when she comes to him when he gets home from work. I don't have the heart to tell him it's only because she likes the way he scratches her. I'll include pix of our babies so you can see why we love them.

Have a great Sunday!!!

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Marie Levite said...

Eeek! I hope you get your cats and your fleas under control. What a pain. I have to say though I got a good chuckle thinking about you waking up to that sight! Seriously though, I feel your pain. I have an 8 yr old who loves to play at my scrap table and sometimes likes to FIX my pages!! lol