Monday, August 31, 2009

On the mend

Well, I'm feeling much better. My leg is still peeling, but it's looking much better, and I've been sitting with it elevated for so long there's no swelling anymore. But I'm still keeping it up as much as I can.

I was really surprised that my mother was able to take care of herself! She makes it seem like she doesn't have a clue. But when she's hungry, she knows how to get something to eat by herself! The only thing she has trouble with is the microwave. But we've had two new ones in about a year and a half. So I'm not surprised that she can't remember how to use it.

The really aggravating thing about the way she is, is that she'll sit and moan like she's in pain, but when you ask her if she's in pain, she say's no. But she'll moan until I look at her, then she'll motion for me to come to her. I go and she has no idea why she called me over. In fact, most times, she says she didn't.... Irritating, to say the least, frustrating to be sure! So when I know she's ok, I put in ear plugs, making sure she sees me do it. And the moaning stops. Imagine that! lol When she knows I'm not listening, she stops. But I dare not tell her she only does it for attention, she sweares she isn't! But....geee... all of last week when I was in bed flat on my back, she never made a sound! She'd come ask me questions about what there was to eat, and a couple of times I got up to help her.(even thought I wasn't supposed to.) But there wasn't a moan in the house! lol Ah well, it is what it is! Such is the life of a care giver!

I still haven't been able to scrap. I've looked through my newest mags a dozen times. I've even created some templates for cards. Or referenced some of the ideas in the mags. My card idea book is almost full! And I have another waiting in the wings! I love to leaf though it and remember all my ideas. When I'm able to sit and create, sometimes I have no ideas. But all I have to do is pick up my card idea journal, and I'm off. I have one for scrpbooking too. I need to alter the front of them so they'll be pretty. Maybe that's the first thing I'll do when I'm back on my feet!

I hope every one had a great weekend, and I hope you all have a great holiday weekend coming up. I'm not doing anything special, as I can't leave mother and she won't want to stay if I take her anywhere else. Soooo, I shall await your tales of great weekends with your families!!

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eiyiyi said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better but I hate it worse than poison that you've had to go through this. My BFF is having the same problem with her mom. When she takes her out in the car, she groans every time they even run over a pebble. Drives Louise crazy as I'm sure it does you. My thoughts are with you! hugs, eileen