Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Labor Day!!!

Hey y'all, I hope you all have a wonderful long weekend. Whether you're staying home or visiting friends or family.
So I'm curious what you all think about the shake up at Stampin Up? From what I understand, they have created a new 'contract' for their Demo's to sign. I think if I were a Demo, I'd have to quit before giving up my own freedom on the web. I think they are asking their people to give up too much of their freedom. They're saying that their demo's don't have any personal freedom to reccomend other companies if they so choose. I can understand that they don't want their 'employees' to advertise other companies of the same genre. Especially on their company website.
But I thought that the Demo's aren't employees at all, but small business owners. So if the small business owner doesn't feel that having a link to another company on their blog, is hurting their business, then what's the big deal. I understand if you are a stampin up demo, that they don't want you to be a Demo for another company. That would indeed be a conflict of interest. But I still don't think that any person or company has a right to tell me what I can and cannot say on my own blog.
So you guys tell me, have I got this right? All that I've read says that's just what's going on. I'd be interested in knowig how many Demo's they lose...
Well, chime in and tell me what you think.

Happy Labor Day


Sherry said...

You know, I been reading a little about his here and there on some blogs I've run into and I just don't understand it. There are numerous brand names out there who make the same things that SU! does. Why are they so afraid of a little competition? IF they were so confident in their own products it wouldn't be a problem.

I can understand having some kind of limits but geeze, we do live in a free country and dictating what one does apart from their hobby/spare change job is insane to me. I'm thinking or hoping maybe that they've inhaled a little too many glue fumes.

It's funny because I was just starting to get sucked into the SU! wallet and my husband will appreciate this latest news!

I see big changes for SU! and they are not good ones!

eiyiyi said...

I hate this for all the great SU demos I've met on the MBs and blogs. This is a really tough break for them. I hadn't heard about this before, Jess. Thanks for keeping me up to speed. I can sometimes be alertly one step behind! hugs and hope your leg is feeling much better. eileen

Denise said...

I'm anxious to see too what happens and who ends up staying and who ends up leaving