Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another challenge!

Karel over at her FLAMINGO blog has just put up her new challenge. The prize is great! Tons and Tons of 'skittles'. Gems, dew drops etc. Shiney stuff. The challenge is to use said skittles in your creation. Then enter it where she directs you. I haven't been able to play the last couple of months. But I think I will be able to this month. I mean we are makeing Christmas cards. So it should be easy to do.
And I just got my box of stuff from the Fiskars wharehouse sale. Louise has such great taste! Oh my gosh the paper is beautiful! I just keep going back and looking at it! So thanks again Louise! Just the idea that you go to this sale with not only yourself in mind, but me and several others too! You are a sweet a creative lady.

Ok, back to put my leg up again! Take care y'all!


Sherry said...

Put your leg up?! Is it still bad?! I'm so in the dark here :( I hope you're feeling better :( I thought you were all better. I will keep you in my prayers. GET BETTER YOU! <3

Kaye's Crafty Place said...

Hi Jess

Didn't realise you leg was still bad, hope it is better soon. I tried to send you an email with pictures of how I store my embellisments but it wouldn't go, I kept getting a message from postmaster saying it had failed. I will put them on my blog for you to have a look at.

Kaye x