Sunday, October 25, 2009

Christmas Cards

Some of these are made using my cricut and some using a couple of kits I ordered from the Paper Wishes cataloge last summer. I figured if I got too busy to create my own, I'd at least have a few from the kits. They really are quite cute cards. The pictures do not do them justice. Of course my photography skilles aren't so hot either. Since my rechargable batteries aren't holing a charge, I don't have a lot of power to check out the picture and try again. So I takt the pix and then try to fix them in my software. But it's not the best eaither. But at least I remembered to take the pictures! So here they are.... my fave.... Frosty Kisses. All done using cricut cuts. If anyone wants to know which cartridge, just ask and I'll let you know. Most of them were from Joys of the Season and Winter Wonderland. I love those Carts!

So now I'm off to finish catching up on my Cricut Card Fairy cards. I've just one or two and then I'll charge the bateries again to take some pix of them.

Oh yeah, I've been following Christmas with the Cricut blog and they have wonderful rak's every week. I won this week!!!! So I'll be getting a Jubelee Cartridge in the mail soon! I never used to win anything. But since I've been blogging and scrapping and making cards, I've won 3 different RAK's! I get so excited when I win.... I'm like a kid at Christmas! I love a surprise. My favorite time of the year is when Louise goes to the Fiskars Wharehouse sale and she puts together a box for me. I know what I'm spending, I just don't know what te box will have in it! It is so much fun when the box comes. I always say thanks to you Louise, but I don't think you really know what fun I get from those boxes. So thanks again. And Thanks, again to the Gals at Christmas with the cricut blog!!
Whoo hoo!

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