Sunday, January 17, 2010

Paper storage

Enfys has a question on her blog asking for info on how we store our patterned paper. I tried to put my answer on her blog, but soon realized it was too way too long for a response on someones blog... So here I am with my suggestion.
I had been useing a very old, very heavy, paper tote. It was heavy without the paper!

I did research for several months, looking for just the right thing. I finally decided I'd try the one by Cropper Hopper. And I love it! I got the original one that had 10 pocket/dividers included. It was around $25 (US). I finally bought it at my local scrap store. But I've also seen it at AC Moore and Mikes might have it too.
It is made of sturdy plastic and comes assembled. It comes in black or white, I like the white as I can see thru it. It's add says it can hold up to 200 pieces of paper. I think that's a low estimate. However, I haven't counted, so I'm not sure. The ten dividers are as follows:

3 "Pouches" they call "Dividers". Which could probably hold about 25 sheets each, or more.

3 "Page Planners" Which have 1 regular section, then in back, one that will hold more than a half sheet of paper, or other embellies. Then on front there is a large card in it's own pocket, to help you plan your pages.

And last but not least, and my faves, are;
3 "Paper Pouch's" They have a divider in the main section,to create two sections. Then in the front is a small pocket that could hold long sticker sheets etc.
Then ther's a half pocket on the front. This holds half sheets of 12x12. Or any other thing your little heart desires!

These 9 pouches can't stand alone like the main piece.- But I lean mine against the side of the shelf! This means I can store way more paper! I have all my regular patterend paper in the main Paper Holder, using dividers I made to separate each color family.
However, there was one piece in the kit that does stand alone and has a three separate sections. I use it for my hand made papers, metalics and felt.

So that's my take on the Cropper Hopper paper holder. I'm sure you can order them from many places, I've even seen them in my Paper Wishes catalog.
There you are Enfys, if you have any questions, don't hesitate.

I hope you are well. Take care and good luck with your storage!


Theresa said...

Hi there. how are you? I am always on the look out for the best paper storage. I use the Cropper Hopper heavy duty cart and file folders, so far, I'm loving it. I do have one of the smaller clear file totes for taking to crops..

take care.

Enfys said...

This sounds fabulous Jess, will have to look into it, trouble is, here in the UK I am REALLY tight for space, not a spare inch of shelf space. I did have the big tidy up though, and am finding it a bit easier now with boxes, 2 for stacks, one for blues, one for greens, one for brights, one for neutrals and black, and a very bulgy one full of reds and pinks.
Thanks for taking the time to tell us about the cropper hopper,will certainly look into that when I am back in the USA
big hugs
En xxx

Enfys said...

Hi Jess, just popped over to answer your question, I have never heard of the dies you mention. I have done some work for go-kreate, they are cheaper than nesties and I think are sold in a place called the scrapping cottage in the USA. You put your card candy on with silicone glue (which dries into a blob), or a small foam pad
big hugs
En xx