Saturday, February 13, 2010

Winter storm

Well I understand that there was some sort of phenomina yesterday, that being that all the contigous states had snow on the same day... hmmm I'm not sure that's true, but it could be I guess, what with different time zones.

Here in SC, we are about 20 minutes from the beach, and we still got snow! It's only a couple of inches, but my son, Matt, drove home from Savannah last night. He said the interstate (95) was in terrible shape. There were a lot of accidents because the road was very slippery. I'm glad they made it home safe and sound. He went for a job interview. Of all the days to have to go! lol But he made it home safe, and got the job too! So it wasn't a wasted trip!

I took a couple of pix of our snow this morning, using my cell phone. I don't know how well they'll show up, but I'll give them a try. They were taken out the window in our living room. The parking lot was not slippery this morning, just wet. It probably won't take too much longer to melt. The kids were out this morning, screaming and laughing, and just having a wonderful time. It's a good thing this happened on the weekend. The local officials don't know what to do with snow, so they shut down everything. As an example, the rain was supposed to start yesterday around noon, but the freezing wasn't to start until after dark. So they closed the schools, and many people were sent home from work early .... Just in case...! (I see all my northern friends rolling their eyes. But it's true!)

I was raised in PA, and have lived in CT, & NH too. And believe me, I don't miss the cold weather and snow. But I'm not afraid to drive in it. I am glad I haven't had to go out in it though, because the other guys might not know how to drive in it. So it's home I stay today. We'll go shopping tomorrow I think. I just don't trust our truely horrible drivers! I often say, when it rains, 'Just add water and you get instant idiot!'. Maybe our drivers ed course should include, (some how) being taught how to drive on slick roads. I think there would be a lot less accidents. I don't mean to offend anyone, but if anyone has driven on SC highways, you know it's true!

Ok, now I'm off to try to load these pics from my cell phone.
Every one take care, and stay warm!

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