Friday, May 28, 2010


I just stumbled onto a challenge blog. They are having their "blogaversary!" Dont you just love all this new blog language. It's sort of like text message language. Well... almost. Any way the giveaway (seen on the sidebar) is unbelievable. There are already over 650 entrants! And the deadline is May 31st. So get over there and check it out!

You should go see the list of the things in the RAK! They said it's over 300 dollars worth of goodies. I don't know what I'd do if I won it. But what the heck, I have just as much a chance as any one else...don't I.

Well off to play in my stash!

Hugs to all, me


Anonymous said...

Hi Jess!

Glad you found my other blog. It is a little more riske than my scrapbooking one, but should also be a funny read - at least that is what I try to do anyway!

I am off to play with my stash too! I have the day off today and plan to get inky!

Annah said...

Good luck! :)