Friday, May 6, 2011

Re-organization Before

The first 6 pix are of my scrap space, which is in the last few feet of our living room. The next 3 are of the things that I moved to my son's bedroom. The boxes in the back right are his, and the ones stacked in the left aren't craft stuff.
What a mess!
The last picture is of the beginning of the reorganization. I've moved my craft table to the wall and am using my card table to work on. This gives me more table space, which I filled up way too quickly. (Don always says if there's a flat surface, I'll fill it up. (And he's right too!)
So I've got to reevaluate the way I work, then decide what I need on the table, and what can be somewhere else.
Things are moving slowly as I got off track due to carpet cleaning. I still have to go through the things in the bedroom, and finish purging. I hope to move some of these pix to our Reorganizing Webinar face book page. So I can share them with the other members of our group. I've been having trouble uploading them until today.
So I'm off to give it another try.

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