Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Afternoon

I finally got this uploaded! Some ugly words were thrown at my computer in the process. Why is it that you do something the same way, several times, and then you try it again, and it won't do it? I mean I know this machine will only do what I tell it to, so why won't it do what I tell it too! GRRRRRRRRRRRR

Anyway,the journaling says: Decisions Decisions Decisions...Decisions that changed the course of my life?

Though I decided to give my lift to God when I was 9 or 10 years old, it never changed me or the course of my life. That was because I never really gave it to God.

There were many decisions I made that did change the direction my life. Each time I married (3 times) my life changed, then each time I divorced (3 times)things ghanged again.

But the best decision that was ever made in my life, was when I said "Ok, God, show me." I said it in a quiet, frightened , little voice, after hearing the doctor say "It IS Cancer." The difference... I meant it.

It was then that I truly came to understand what giving your life to God means. I learned several things by making that decision.

1.Wait on Gods timing. If I mess around trying to fix things. All I'll get is the same problem, maybe worse, and with no clue what to do next.

2. If I really mean what I say, ask with my heart in the right place, God will answer my prayer. It might mot be the answer I want, but it will be the right answer.

3. If I truly hand a problem over to Him, I don't need to worry about it again. That's a whole lot better than having an ulcer and lots of gray hair.

So decisions are made every day, some important, some not. But the most improtant decision anyone will ever make, is giving their life to God.

The photo's were taken after my battle, through surgery, chemo, radiation, losing most of my hair, and a heart attack! But I won the battle!!!


Rhonda said...

This is fantastic! What an incredibly strong woman you are!

Debby said...

What incredible person you are. I love the postive tone you took on your whole journaling. Wow!!!