Monday, February 2, 2009

Ok so I have a question

This morning, my mom was sitting in her chair, moaning loudly. This has become her newest thing. She almost shouts OH OH OH OH and in between the sort of mumbles um hm, um hm, um hm. So I asked her what's wrong. She asked me the same thing. Just mimicing back to me what I said. I tried several times to get to the bottom of it all. But she won't tell me. If I ask her if she's in pain, she says nothing, or just ignores me. Ignoring me is her way of controling the situation. Of course if she didn't have all these health issues, I'd try ignoring her. But it wouldn't work because she'd not remember that she ignored me in the first place. Some times she'll tell me she's in pain, and take pain medicine. But mostly she just ignores me and continues to make the noises. It's like chinese water torture. Drip Drip Drip.

She's had several small strokes so she has trouble getting things from her thoughts to her voice. She knows what she's thinking, but she can't seem to get it out.
She came over to me and kept pointing to my hand saying 'So What.' When I asked her what she meant, she got mad at me. She believed I knew what she meant, and was just being spiteful. Which is usual for her. She thinks that I don't want to help her and that I'm trying to hurt her, or at the very least, to get rid of her.
So if there's anyone out there who deals with seniors with dementia or altzheimers and can tell me something about this behaviors, I would apprciate it. Thsnks


maddy hill said...

you need a hug me thinks xxxxxxxx My dad had a stroke a while back - he doesnt have dimentiona but did get extremly depressed and wouldnt let anyone near him - he just cried ... life brought him back - family life - people coming in and out and quietly talking to him - he was most definalty trapped in there and so depressed.. He is bedridden now - but his mind is alot better.
If you werent around , your mum would notice - im sure the elderly get worse if no one is around to talk to them - your doing a great job - keep ya chin up lass xxxxxxxx

Amy Golden said...

***hug hug hug*** This has to be so hard for you to go through. I am not any help, but Im sure if you were to check with your local hospitals, they should have some support groups for families , Im sure it would help so much to sit down face to face with someone going through the same as you. Good luck sweetheart.

Mardi said...

Oh goodness, my heart goes out to you! I would get in touch with a Alzheimer group and ask them if they could help! Good luck!