Friday, February 20, 2009

Finally Friday!!!`

Well here it is Friday already and I still don't have my Layout done!!! It's almost done, but since my mom was in the hospital for a day,it threw me off a bit. Having to go sit in the ER then in her room. I was there for somewhere between 6 and 7 hours on Wed. I think it was Wed. Then I went up to the hosp at about 11:30 the next day and they were trying to call me to tell me that she was being released! I didn't take clothes, so she came home in her jammies, robe and slippers! lol But she was happy to get to come home. They really moved quickly this time. I think things are moving quicker because they seem to have hired more aids! Thank heaven. So the nurses are getting the nurse work done and the aids are getting the patient bathing etc done. The old fashioned way. (Imagine that!)

Don and I went out to dinner on Wed evening! The first time we've been out for anything other than to buy groceries in ages! We went to a new restaurant in the area, called the Golden Corrall. It's a great Buffet place. They will cook you any kind of steak, infact their 'kitchen' is actually part of the buffet line! you can watch them cook your meat! The buffet line is very long, there are so many things on it, I was blown away. Starting with the salad bar then a soup bar, then a hot bar, then the grills, then another hot bar, then a bread bar, then a desert bar then an icecream bar! The thing streatched the whole length of the building! You imagine it, it was there! However, the dinner menu was the same as the lunch menu but it was almost 3$ more! So If we had made it about 15 mins sooner, we'd have gotten the lunch price! I like having all the choices, but I can never eat enough to get my money's worth! Especially if it's almost $10!!! So if we go back , it will be for lunch, or the breakfast buffett on the weekend. Now I can eat a lot of breakfast foods. It's my favorite meal.

Well gotta shut this thing down and get started on my layout. And I have a card to do for a friend who's bday is in the next day or two. I have one that I had already started to have as an extra,that I'll finish for him. Thank heavens it was masculine!
Hope to have it and my layout posted tomorrow. Or maybe even tonight!!! But don't hold your breath! lol

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