Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Terrific Tuesday and a gratidude list

Well I've been working on my Week 7 layout. No more wait till the last minute for me!I didn't get the last one done until 8 or 9 oclock on sunday night! I was exhausted from being rushed. I have never liked being late. So last night, while sitting watching tv, I started thinking about week 7's question.
I thought it was going to be hard, and started thinking which moment I'd like to freeze. I thought maybe when the boys were born...no, while having them was wonderful, there was pain involved there... My marriages...no they all ended in divoce, so pain was involved there too. Then I thought about my friend Rhonda. She's never far from my thoughts. It's so hard to lose someone you love!
As I was thinking about her, the perfect moment came to me. So that's the one my layout will be about. As I wrote the journaling, my phone rang. It was Rhonda's husband,David. His Father passed away at midnight on Sunday night. I feel so badly for him, losing his wife in August, and his Dad in Feb! I don't always get God's timeing, but I know it's perfect, so I just have to trust him.
While Dave and I talked I shared my page idea with him, and he laughed! Then he shared a moment of his own, and we laughed again. Rhonda loved to laugh!

I always look forward to Debby's gratitude list. So I think I'm going to start my own. It will help keep me in a positive light! So here goes.

Things I'm Grateful For
1. The brand new day.
2. Don overslept, missed the bus, Matthew is having an unscheduled day off, so I got to take Don to work today! Since someone has to be with Mom all the time, I haven't gotten to do that much. Just he and I alone together! He's a captive audience! lol
3. I can still walk!
4. Prayer, thank you God.
5. My belief in Gods timing. Sometimes I dont understand it. But I know it's the only thing that is perfect.

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