Monday, March 16, 2009

Ok, I don't know about all this.....

I don't know which is better to add one pic at a time, or add a bunch...but there up! The first represents my joining the Cricut Card Fairy Army! A bit wordy, but it's fun. You join, then the leader send out emails of folks who have requested cards for what ever reason. This was my first. Not my best effort, but it will do.

The next one is a LO for Don's Great Neice! Isn't she a beauty! Her name is Liliana Rose Sardina! She looks like her daddy! I need to get a better picture of this one, without the glare on the smaller photo. But I was having trouble with the camera. I'm thinking it's time for a new one!

The next 2 pix are for weeks 9 and 10 of All about you in 52.

Week 9 "A moment I 'blinked' and my life was changed."

Journaling reads: There are many 'blinking' moments. I have been married and divorced 3 times! I've moved around the country quite a bit. But when I considered all of them, only one stood out. That was my first marriage. Because from it came my 2 wonderful sons! They were wonderful babies, children, teens... well maybe not teens. (Boys will be boys)! But they bounced back and have become srtong, loving, caring and, of course, handsome men!

The next pic is for Week 10 - What was my favorite Birthday?

The Journaling Reads: Birthdays...hmmm...people have always tried to surprise me, but were never successful. Until my 40th. I alwats seemsd to find out, whether I wanted to or not. The week before my 40th birthday, my husband took me out for my 'birthday dinner'. When we arrived home, there were no extra cars in the driveway, and no lights on that shouldn't have been. So when I walked in and about 50people yelled SURPRISE!...I almost fainted! I didn't realize I knew that many people. I'm so glad I have these photo's. Some of them are gone now. Three from the same family! This birthday surprise is the best!


Debby said...

I love them all, but I love the photos from the birthday party! I'm glad you were okay after the "Surprise!" LOL Great job.

eiyiyi said...

Wow, what great layouts. They make me want to drop my cards and start scrapbooking again.
Did you ever get the explanation of "eiyiyi" I sent you? I pm'd you on the cricut mb but don't remember ever seeing that it was picked up. Love your blog.