Monday, April 13, 2009


I hope everyone had a blessed Easter! I haven't posted in quite awhile...why? How do you spell shrugging shoulders? lol I just have been so busy looking at everyone else's blog and working on cards for the Cricut Card Fairy Army that I haven't had time to do anything else!
But I do want to post a photo (When the camera batteries are charged)of all the cards that mom got from the Fairies for her 89th birthday! She got 21 of them. They are all hand made of course, and range from very pretty, to unique to just plain cute! I want to put them all in a small book for her to look at when she wants to. I think I have just the book to use too. So when we take them down off the door, I'll just put them into the book and then give it to her.
Some old friends came up to visit and bring Mom her Easter basket. They always bring her candy on Easter and at Christmas. She loves her chocolate and her Peeps! She got pink, blue and green peeps and yellow bunnies! She'll be on a sugar high for a month! If the stuff lasts that long. For a little tiny woman, she sure can pack it away! lol
I've discovered some pretty cool blogs and websites lately. I am blog hopping all the time. I'm surprised I have time to get through my emails! I go to someones blog to catch up with what they are doing, and find a new to me blog to go check out. By the time I'm done I have no idea how I got where I am! lol
Well I hope you all had a blessed Easter and will have a great week.
Take care......

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