Tuesday, April 21, 2009

All about you in 52

Hmmmm, What makes me me? Now that is an interesting question. I guess God makes me me. I mean God has made me who I was from the cradle. As each trial came, I found something new to help me through. When God made me He gave me the ability to withstand all the stuff I've had to. I mean, it was always there, I just discovered it when I needed it.
I was molested as a girl, several times. God gave me what I needed to get through that. I had a birth defect in my spine. God gave me what I needed to get through that. I have been married and divorced 3 times. God gave me what I needed to get through that. I got cancer, and God gave me what I needed to get through that.
He has also given me what I need to sustain me through life as it happens every day. Whether I'm prepared for it or not, He is!
So when I say God made me who I am, I mean that he gave me strength and courage to keep on getting up every day. I know that what ever life and this world throw at me, I can handle it. As long as I continue to believe "With God all things are possible". Nothing is endured alone. God is always there. So somewhere along the way I realized that, among other things, God gave me strength, character, love, joy, peace, creativity, and a sense of humor so I could endure it all, and still be able to laugh! Thank you Father God!


eiyiyi said...

I love your attitude toward life. You've been through so much and yet your sense of joy comes through in your picture, your layouts, and your blog. Hooray for you!

Sherry said...

Miss Jessica,

While I fully understand and appreciate your appreciation for God and His strength etc, please don't forget that YOU played a major role in waking up everyday and getting through the day. Too often we give all our credit away and keep little to none for ourselves. God is stronger than us yes but you are stronger than you realize <3

again, love your journaling and love that we as people go through so much crap and still, the majority of us, pick up the pieces and become beautiful loving people. Thank YOU for being you.