Monday, May 11, 2009

All about you in 52

I haven't chosen a one of my layouts yet. But this week it will be about Rhonda, who was my bestest best adult friend. You've probably heard all about her, or seen pics or layouts about her. As she was all I could think or talk about after she passed away last August. I still cry some times as it's been difficult to go on through my life without her.
We could (and did) talk about everything. She had the silliest sense of humor, she'd laugh at almost anything. Even the stupidest jokes! lol For example, a "Rhonda" joke: Do you know why people like bananas? ................ Because they have a-peal! Groan. She loved to make me groan like that! I still sometimes reach for the phone after reading a particularly bad joke some where, before I realise she's gone. We could spend hours together, and not say a word! Just being in the same room was enough. Do you have a friend that you can be silent with? It is the most amazing experience, not to have to feel the need to fill the silence with conversation! I hope that everyone is lucky enough to have a friend like that. It's been very hard getting on with life without her.
I have, however, found a new friend,thanks to the internet! Her name is Sherry. She doesn't live near by. But neither did Rhonda for most of our friendship. Sherry is sweet natured, very giving and loves with the fierce protection of a lioness when it comes to her children! She has three wonderful boys. One of them is brand new, not quite 4 weeks old! I am greatful for my new friend. We are getting to know each other, and our friendship is growing and thriving.
I thank God for friendships, old and new. I know it would be so much more fun if we were close, but physical closeness is not mandatory for friendship to grow! You just have to nurture them with love.


Enfys said...

What a beautiful tribute to your friends - old and new. I treasure my friends, and hope that I am a good mate who is always there for them. I loved your story thank you for sharing
Enfys x

Jeanette said...

Hello Jessica,

Thanks for stopping in at my blog. I'm so happy to meet another crafty person from SC and you are so close. We spent about a month in the beautiful
Charleston area.

What a lovely tribute to your friends. I hope that we become friends, too.


Sherry said...

Awww! I am so honored and teary eyed! I wish we did live close to each other but at the same time I am so very grateful to have you in my life! You're my shoulder and my cheerleader. I hope I am the same for you. Thank YOU for being my friend! <3

Theresa ~aka~ chattyscrapper said...

hi..what a wonderful post about your friends.. I have been blessed to have a friend like that. they really do get you through anything..=) I saw you post over at scrapbooking and crafting friends. I didn't know if you knew it was me trying to add ya as a friend..

have a great weekend!!!