Thursday, June 18, 2009

I finally got it!!!!

Over the last couple of weeks my bud Eileen has so kindly given me 3 blog awards! Imagine that! My problem has been that I've not been able to figure out how to get the awards from her blog to mine. But I finally did it today!!! Yea!!! So now I'm going to go blog hopping and handing out awards. If you've come here looking for the awards, they are here, but the posts about them are down a few entries in my blog. So, just cruise through and you might find that you've been awarded one of these awards! Thanks for your patience, Eileen, and for the awards! J

1 comment:

scrappyjan said...

Hello Jess, I had to chuckle to myself at you. hee hee..... I did the same thing a while back. lol..... I can see why you received this well deserved awards.. your blog is very nice! Just want to stop by and check it out and to thank you for the wonderful comment you left me on my blog. have a super great weekend...janny