Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturdy! And it's too hot to play outside!!!

I was sitting, last night, thinking about Debby's Dare from last week. I've been very lax with keeping up. But this Weeks question sent me on a trip down memory lane. The question...Pick a year, how are the fashions and fads different from today?

OH MY GOSH! I was a child of the sixties, for heaven's sake! I graduated high school in 1966! And so much happened between then and 1970! Not only were the fashions, fads, and music was I. I got married (January) and had my first child (December) of 1967! I wasn't at Woodstock, or didn't go to any sit ins, lie ins or love ins either. I was busy starting my little family. I did, however follow the fashions and fads.

In 1965...Our hair was ratted and teased to within an inch of it's life. We wore pleated skirts and button down blouses and knee socks to school. Blue jeans were OUT of the question! We weren't allowed to wear pants of any kind. Our skirts had to touch the chair when we kneeled on it. If it was too short, or shirts weren't tucked in, we had to fix it right then or we were sent home to change! And we had to find our own transportation. There was no breaking the rules...ever!

To this day, I hate wearing dresses! I don't even own one! I have 2 skirts, one is black for Funerals, and the other is for anything else. Even though my boyfriend says I have nice legs, and should show them off more, the closest I'll get to a skirt is a skort. You know shorts and a skirt together. Too bad I don't play golf or tennis, I'd fit right in! lol

The thing I loved to wear the most during those days....bell bottomed pants! And a close second were the stretch pants with stirrups on them. LOL How cool we all thought we were! I wonder did I ever look in a mirror and really see what I looked like? Probably not. But it's fun to reminisce. Thanks for the prod Debby.

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Enfys said...

Oh my, this bought back memories. Those stirrup leggin things, we must have looked such a fright in them, and yet we thought we looked so cool. Do you remember when we used to wear huge baggy sweaters as well? Maybe that was only in the UK, you got a boyfriend, pinched his sweaters, then dumped him and kept the sweater lol :) Thanks for the memories.
En xx