Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Who would have thought that a set of bookshelves would make some one sooooo happy! But they have. Don put the shelves together, then I pulled out all of my 'stuff'. It was on every available surface in the livingroom! And on the floor as well. Mother said "Are you going to put all that stuff in there?" I said Yes, it all came out of there. She said "I don't believe it." Did I mention that mother has gotten more and more negative as she gets older, lol So I just let it go. I figured out that she'd see how it went as would I! I was able to pull almost all the things I had in boxes and bags and find a home for them on the shelves. I was also able to move many things from my table top and underneath the table too! I used to think that there was so much stuff under the table, that it would rise up and take me hostage! lol Anyway, the only cases that have anything still in them are my paper carrier, and my wheeled cart which I store My specialty paper and stickers and other supplies. Plus the case on the floor beside the chair with my stamps in it. (The ones that are in CD Cases.) I still have some more to transfer. But they will all fit in the same case. and when I get that done, there will be an empty space where the rest of the stamps reside.So by the time I'm finished, I'll have all my stamps in a case on the shelves. It was so much fun to pull my cuttlebug off the shelf and actually use it! Without having to move half of the stuff out of the corner to get to the box, or notebook with the embossing folders, and the plates. It was so easy to pull it out and put it back. I've never been able to do that!!!
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