Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Now that was an experience!

Every time I want to add something to my blog, except for a post, I have to figure it out all over again! lol Holy confusion Batman!!!

Thank you Eileen for the lovely award. I do feel that we've become friends. And there are a couple of others with whom I will share this award. As soon as I can figure out how to link it back to your blogs! lol

Until then, for those of you who know what they are doing in digi land...this one's for you... Sherry, Louise, and Enfys and Karelj with whom I'd like to become better friends.
And if you, Eileen, hadn't been the one to give it, you'd be on the list too!
When I see your name 'eiyiyiyi' I always envision you hitting your head with the palm of your hand! lol

I'm sure there are more amazing women who have become my friend...but as I'm always saying, this swiss cheese brain of mine...So if I think of you....I'll add you later! And please forgive the forgetfullness.

And anyone who's looking for these lovely ladies, I'll write down their blog addys and post them back here soon. I just can't figure out how to make just names become a link. Jeeeeesh, I need a keeper! lol

Thanks again to my friend Eileen, And I hope you're all haveing a wonderful time where ever you are.

PS. Ok here's the blog addys, Sherry at paper-obsession.blogspot.com sharing pix of her kids.
Louise at cafelouise.blogspot, She has some lovey gardens!
Enfys at going-buggy.blogspot.com who is lucky enough to have a home here and one in England,
And the one I forgot Karel at kerelj.blogspot.com. Her title for her blog is 'One by one the flamingos are stealing my sanity' Don't you just love that!


eiyiyi said...

You do make me giggle. Ok, I'll share what I figured out this morning. I've been going through all kinds of gyrations to link things up. Well, here goes: when you are composing your new post, type the person's name or blog name or whatever, highlight it, then go up and click on the goober that looks like eyes. A window will open asking for the url. type or paste in the blog address for the person and click ok. Voila, the highlighted name and the url are linked. Hope that helps, any questions, email me. hug, eileen

Enfys said...

Thank you - I am your friend for life! Eileen has explained how to do the linky thingy, my word, we are getting so clever at this computer lark....
En x

Karelj said...

Thanks so much, Jess! The award is so great!
If I were computer literate, I would have tried to help. too....but I have an IT son who indulges his mama when she needs help! Here's to ei and en!

weze said...

blogs are not easy are they? I've only been blogging since Jan and I still have a hard time putting in pictures........they never seem to go where I want them to go LOL!