Saturday, September 19, 2009

Blogger probs?

Hey y'all, I hope you're all happy and healthy. Things are fine here. However, I've tried to make comments on several blogs and it won't accept the comment?

So.... Sherry, the new 5 month photo's of Tobias are really cute, the pumpkin is as big as he is! lol
And Eileen I love your card with the shoe. I can't remember who elses blog I tried.
Here's hoping blogger will get rid of it's little gremlin soon. Oh yes and Eileen, have you gotten your computer fixed yet?

I sure am enjoying this fast internet! I've watched all sorts of videos, learned two new (to me) card folds. And Don and I sat at the computer for a couple of hours last night playing with Google Earth. What a trip we had, we visited, Ireland, Scotland, England, Italy, the Vatican, Paris, Hong Kong, Korea, Red Square and Viet Nam. We also saw the house I grew up in, my grade school, Don's high school, and where he grew up. What a fun time we had!

One of the most intresting things was that some of the photo's were obviously newly taken, and some were not. How could we tell? At one point, somewhere in China, there was about a 2inch square that looked different than the rest.... there was no green... Instead it was white... The photo was last taken when there was snow on the ground! Maybe there' something there they don't want us to see..... hmmmmm
Well anyway, we had a great time!

Now I gotta get ready for our weekly grocery sopping extravaganza! lol So I'm of to see the wizard!
Y'all take care and hopefully blogger will be done with it's hiccup tomorrow!

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eiyiyi said...

Hi Jess, YES!!!! Three trips from my friendly computer wizard and I'm back!!!! and even my wireless printer is working again. I haven't had any commenting problems today but it's early yet! My favorite about the fast access is being able to learn all that stuff on you tube! Talk with you soon. Buy something yummy for me. hugs, eileeen