Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Friday

I didn't realize that next week was Thanksgiving. How can that kind of thing escape you? Well I guess since I'm in this house day after day, with the same ole same ole... It's not hard to lose track of time. I'm sure I'm not the only one... well I hope so any way. lol
So Don said to me yesterday, when I picked him up from work, (and I quote) "Why don't you ask your blogging buddies if there are other ways(that you don't know of) to bother me?" Well he didn't think I would... but here it is...:)

He can be so silly sometimes. One of his favorite things to say is "If everybody would just do what I want and stopped bothering me, the world would be a much better place." And says it with a straight face! lol One of the things I love about him is his sense of humor. Sometimes he can be soooo sarcastic...and sometimes I think he should go to an open mike night at a comedy club. Every body laughs when he's around. So if y'all could come up with some really silly way of bothering him, I'd love to bother him that way. Then tell him that one of my blogging buddies gave me that idea!

I probly will have some more cards to share tomorrow, I'm re-charging batteries...AGAIN! lol Would someone tell Santa that I want a new battery charger and some new rechargeables?

I've made some cards for the Operation Write Home folks. So I'll probably be mailing them off next week. But I've missed the Christmas season for them, so now I'll start on spring holidays. Easter and St Patricks day, and Mothers day. I've gotten out my Flower Soft again and I'm making up some things that are very feminine that the soldiers can send to girlfriends or wives or moms. I love how easy it is to create something with it. If you haven't heard of Operation Write Home just click on their name and check it out.

Well, I'm off to try to finish my book without falling asleep. (Probably never happen) Take care everyone. And have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Sherry said...

Thanksgiving is still 3 weeks away girlie! 20 days to be exact!

Now for bothering the risk of painting myself into a criminal...When Brent and I first lived together..I was 18 he was 19 so we were young and very immature... He did something to totally tick me off and I don't even remember what it was any more but I washed all of his socks and underwear with brilo pads! Now I'm not sure you want to bother Don to that extent but let me tell sure bothers the heck out of um! LOL I will have to give this some more thought for something more innocent LOL!...look out Don..

What are you reading? I am "hungry" for a good book but can't find one to hold my interest :(

Denise said...

I think for a subtle way to bother Don you should read to him from your book as he's watching tv or doing something that he's engrossed in. Don't pick anything that would make sense, just some random piece.
Or how about singing all your answers to him with every question he asks? I'm reading Mitch Albom's "Have a Little Faith" and the rabbi in the book does that. He breaks into song when people ask him a question. lol I chuckle each time I read it.

But mostly just kiss the man and tell him how lucky you are to have him....and tell him a blog buddy told ya to. :-)