Saturday, November 7, 2009


Now see there...that's what I get for listening to Don! A friend of his called and said he was going camping Thurs, Fri and Sat. And did Don want to go along. But he said no...he had to cook for us. I said look if there's enough easy things to cook, I can do it. (It's not about my ability to cook, it's about my ability to stand long enough to cook). So I told him if he could get Thursday and Friday off to go ahead. He said, "No, I have to be home to cook. I would never leave you guys on Thanksgiving." Err go, my belief that Thanksgiving is next week! lol

If he and I ever have problems, it's about not communicating well enogh for the other one to understand. He's from Boston ya know! lol Only kidding, please no bad email's about disparaging remarks about Boston! What I mean is like this; I'll say I need stamps, he'll say how much, I tell him, he says we'll be able to get them this week.
OK, now what does that mean to you? To me it means I can go get them now...right? AHHH thats where we'd both be wrong. When he say's we'll be able to get them this week, he's talking about this weeks paycheck, which we don't get until next week!! My question is why not just say we'll get them next week? It took a couple of near disasterous financial mishaps before I finally got what he meant.

I didn't tell him I posted his request for bothering. So today when he finally drags his bottom out of bed, I'll tell him Sherry says I should wash his undies with brillo pads! Now that's a stroke of genius girl! I won't do that though as he has alergies which make him get boils! If it would ONLY irritate him, I might go for it!
And Denise, I think reading to him would probably irritate me more than him! He's worked his whole life in the printing industry. The machines are very loud, so his hearing is terrible. I'd be reading away and he wouldn't hear me anyway! lol But great ideas girls, we'll come up with something yet.

I remember when my son, Peter's, first wife and he were newlyweds. They stayed with me and my then hubby for awhile. Michelle and my ex developed a crazy sort of 'war'. He dumped a pot of cold water over the shower curtain when she was having a shower. I called her name right before, so she'd at least know someone was there. The words that came out of her mouth! lol
Then she put shaving cream in his shoes. It took her forever to get him to put his shoes on. He never wore them in the house. There were some pretty ugly words then too! This went back and forth for the entire time they lived with us. Never a dull moment in that house I can tell ya! We were all so young!

Anyway, we have a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving, and I'm still looking for something to irritate or bother Don.
Well, we've got to go get the shopping done some time today, and I'm thinking the earlier the better. So I have to get dressed so we can go.
Take care all, and please keep me straight with these holidays so I don't embarrass myself too badly:)


Sherry said...

I was reading your entry and got the greatest idea! Every time he showers sneak in and turn off the light!

For some reason whenever I say "are you kidding me" it irritates Brent. So I over use it when he's being a butt...try a catchy little phrase...

If you have a hose nozzle thinger on your sink (lol what is that thing called?) put a rubber band around it so when he turns on the sink he gets a shower

I will keep thinking!

Happy Saturday!

eiyiyi said...

I'm still giggling!!!!!!! hugs, eileen

Marie Levite said...

Oh my gosh, you are crackin me up! Love the brillo idea! lol

PenLight said...

I might try that shaving cream shoe thing. One time I got up in the middle of the night and painted my husbands toes with bright red toe polish. He didn't notice until he was in the shower and then he looked down and thought his toes were bleeding and started screaming. It was very funny. Ha ha.... Thanks for your comments on my blog. I used to live in Goose Creek and work at the Air Force Base there in SC.