Sunday, November 8, 2009

More Cricut Card Fairy cards

Here are 4 more cards I've done for Cricut card fairy missions. For the ones without a cricut cut on the outside, most have a "Thinking of you" cut or something similar on the inside. The red Christmas card is for Noah, who most of us have heard of through one source or another. I'm hoping all our cards get to him in time. I'll try to shrink the pix and upload them to the Cricut message board later, or tomorrow. I've already spent toooo much time sitting here today.
Although I did get up and clean that nasty kitchen earlier! lol Now at least Don won't have to clean the kitchen before he cooks. I'm sure he'll be happy about that. So here they are:


I know that the soldiers and their families at Ft. Hood are having a rough time and will be for some time to come. PTSD is no walk in the park. And sadly, now they may suffer from it because a phychiatrist couldn't get help for himself. So I've created some 'any hero' cards to send to them. If you haven't heard about the folks handling their cards, just let me know and I'll send you the addy for them. I had already made some cards to send to the Opperation Write Home folks. But I think they'll have to go to Texas instead.

I hope everyone has had a good weekend. And I hope you've been creative. It makes our lives sooooo much more fun.
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eiyiyi said...

Beautiful job Jess! hugs, eileen

PenLight said...

These are great Jess. What lucky receiver of Cricut Cards from a wonderful fairy!