Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Camera!!!

Well it's not a cannon with interchangable lens', but it's got a great huge video window! And it takes great pix! I ended up with a Kodak Easy Share C190. It's a 12MP with a 5X zoom. And it's RED! My fave color. I didn't choose it because it was red, in fact I wasn't even sure it was red until I opend the box!
I was looking at the same basic camera, except it had 8MP and a lower power zoom. But for only $10 more I could get the better camera. So I went with the bigger one, and it turned out to be red. I am so drawn to red that I've had 2 red cars, two red cell phones, and now a red camera.:)
I'm still learning how to put it through it's paces, but I took a photo of my son Matt and his girlfriend Tina, last night. It came out really great. But then he took a pic of me, and it was horrible!!! You could see all my imperfections! I don't know if I like this new HD craze. I mean really, do we want to see Tom Cruise or Angi Jolie with all their zits and wrinkles? I sure don't want to see mine! lol
So my cute little camera is small enough to carry in my hand and I can take pix, videos, make voice recordings etc. I also got a big new battery charger and new batteries for it. So I shouldn't have battery troubles for quite some time! :)
I'm going to load in the software, then I'll try to load the pic I took of Matt and Tina so we can see just how great this baby is!!! Be back in a bit!


Sherry said...

Hey girlie!! So glad you got a new camera! I have had 3 kodak cameras. The first one my brother has now and the other 2 I still have. I have a silver one and a pink one! I was so excited to get a pink one and then when I got it...I prefer my old one. I got it right before Tobias was born thinking I needed to update my 5.0 mega pixel I got a pink 10.2 mega pixel camera... only to find I prefer my 5.0!!! One day I'll make friends with the pink one. I do so love my kodaks tho! Never owned another brand camera in my life come to think of it lol! Maybe I should branch out...

I did just get a flip tho! I'm so excited about that. It takes amazing video!!

Enjoy your new camera girl and post lots of pictures! :)

Happy Sunday!

Shazza said...

Your so lucky to get a new camera,
imagine the cool shots you can take!!

wish it was me :)