Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ok, here we go


I had to load the photos to the camera's software, then to my Picasso software so I could get it to my blogger account? I'm sure there's an easier way, but for now here they are.

The pix are of my Mom and her grumpy self. Our newest family member, Tina, we love her because she's so sweet! And Then my son Matthew and Tina together. The pic of Mother is the first I took then Tina, and then them together. I'm sure there's a learning curve with this just like everything else computer related! But I'm having fun anyway. My first picture effort will be to take new pix of a mini album I made of our family Christmas in 1960. I'll then send them to my cousin in KY. She's the only one left of our generation. We have a very small family. Except for the extended members of my great grandfathers children and their children. My Grandfather was one of 12 so there are a gazillion of us out there, I guess. I just don't know them.

Ok enough come the photos....I hope!
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Summer Loving Gal said...

great pics!

On my new camera I take the card and insert it into my camera and then I can just upload the pics from there. If your computer doesn't have a slot for the card, there should be a cord included with your camera that you plug in and then you can just upload the pics from there to your blog. It's really easy to do.

Marie Levite said...

Hey Jess. You did a great job with the pictures and I can see them so you got them uploaded. lol Hope you are well. Hugs-Marie