Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Cards etc.

Ok, it's time for another post... well past time really. I get so busy doing other things, that time just gets away from me. So here are a couple of family photos that were taken over Easter Weekend, which was also my mother's 90th birthday! I think she looks pretty good for 90...what do you think? The first photo is my eldest, Pete and his GaGa. He started calling her that before he could talk, and it stuck. I must admit hearing an adult male calling someone, anyone Gaga makes me smile! Next is my younger son, Matt and his girlfriend Tina. Then Pete and his girlfriend Marrianne. It took them a long time to find each other. But they finally did. Don't they look happy! The photo's of me and Don were horrible, so I won't post them. Maybe I'll be able to edit the bad stuff out. But not today:)
The cards are for Cricut Card Fairy Army missions. Except for the blue and white with the boy in the highchair. That was for my dear friend Sherry's baby, Tobias'. first birthday. I can't believe he's already a year old! Time just runs away, and before you know it your kids are all grown up and your grandkids too! So all you ladies and gents with young children and or grand children, cherish every moment with them. Because before you know it....they are grown, and busy raising their own families!

Oh a little note, This last card, check out the butterflies... I don't remember where I saw or read this idea, but it's certainly not mine. The butterflies are photo corners! These were clear plastic on the front, so I used my copics and colored them. This was the first time I tried it. But I liked them so much that I just added some flight paths and used it as a card focal. I wonder how many gazillion photo corners I have laying around? Well, I thought you might enjoy them.

Have a wonderful Thursday, I'm off to enjoy the sunshine for a few minutes.

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eiyiyi said...

Love it all Jess. the photos are great and your cards are just wonderful. Photo corners? who knew? glad to see you out and about on the blogs. I've missed you. hugs, eileen