Wednesday, March 24, 2010

These two cards were also for card fairy missions. The one with the boy at the baseball field is a Flower Soft image. I used the spring mix of colors around his feet. When I saw an ad for these images in a magazine, it was in a pack with another image of two boys, walking arm in arm, off a soccer field. It made me think of my two boys. Though they were never buddies when they were little, they are as different as day and night. When they were young, that was quite a problem.
There was much bickering and worse. In fact I recall several times when Pete, the oldest, chased Matthew who ran as fast as his little legs could carry him toward me. Matthew screaming "Mama mama mama!" And Pete yelling "I'm gonna hurt you boy!"
I have learned since then that Matthew provoked him most (if not all) of the time!

But now they get along quite well. So when I look at that image, I imagine them on their way to the Nascar race at Darlington, SC each year. (which is my Birthday gift to them.) Truly enjoying their time together. Though I am sure they don't walk around arm in arm...but you get the picture! I think I'm going to see if Flower Soft has a shade of red that would match my Matthew's hair, and a brown to match Pete's... that would be quite an image for me to hang in my scrap space!
Well, anyway, that's it for today folks. Thanks for stopping by. I'll have more photos in a day or two.


eiyiyi said...

Love them both but the boy with the bat is fabulous!!

Summer Loving Gal said...

The boy with the bat is just terrific! I can't wait to see the other image when you complete it. I've not worked with Flower Soft but you show why I should look into it!

Kaye's Crafty Place said...

Hi Jess, love you cards, I have just bought one of the flower soft stamps of a cricketer (as if I need to say) They are fab.

Kaye x

My Creative Time said...

your cards are sooo super cute!!! LOVE the baseball boy!! My boys would LOVE that!!!
P.S. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog!!! You can get the boa from Michael's or Joanns!

JessicaLynn said...

One of my favorites. This is a beautiful card! Please come and take a look at my blog. I am giving away a Free Digital Stamp.

Jessica Lynn

Enfys said...

Hi Jess, I love the baseball boy, and your story too, it reminded me of my 2 boys who used to fight when they were small, but now get on so well,
big hugs
En xx