Friday, May 21, 2010

Back again

These are some pix I took last year at the waterfront park in downtown Charleston. The fountain the kids play in is at the entrance to the park. There were people in period dress picnicing as they would have done during the Cival War!

The last is the Custom's House where the ships coming into the harbor had to dock to have their cargo checked and paid duty on, before they could unload.
We really enjoyed the day down there. We watched dolphins feeding in the river, just where it meets the ocean. This is such a beautiful city. It's easy to see why so many tourists come here for vacation. Maybe I'll try to load up some more so you can see how pretty our city is.

Have I said I hate this new keyboard? It's smaller so the keys are closer together. I keep hitting the wrong keys! Grrrrrr! I know just deal... But it just slows me down!
Well I've gotten beyond the funeral. I've been in touch with my friend who's wife passed away a couple of weeks ago. He seems to be ok, but I know he's having a hard time. But he's been in touch with the kids, or they with him, and so that's helped him a great deal. I love him, so I'll keep in touch, I know this first year will be the hardest.
So I'm off to see what else I can get into...

I've got a wedding coming up, that I won't be able to attend. It's going to take place in Kentucky. And I won't be able to make the trip, but I'm going to make a little something for the bride. I won't share it here until she's gotten it. I don't think they even know I have a blog, but just in case...
Who's getting married you ask. It's my Ex-hubby's nephew. We got a divorce, but I was able to maintain a couple of the reletives as my own! His neice, Nikki, is one of them. She came to Charleston to live and ended up staying with us for about 3 years. She's like the daughter I never had. She went back to NH several years ago. I hated to see her go. I miss her a bunch.
The nephew who is getting married is his youngest brother's son, Kevin. He just got back from the desert!!! I'm so glad he's come back in one piece! I wish I could go up for the wedding, but I trust his dad to take a bunch of pix to share. I found something in a magazine the other day that is just beautiful. I hope it looks as beautiful when I finish mine... But I'm hoping the bride, Jessica, will like it.
Otherwise... I've been making some cards. And preparing the bits and pieces for the secret project. And, straightening up the usual! Thats an ongoing project! I'm always finding containers of different sorts to put things in! then I have to find a place to put the container! lol I know you all understand.

I have to wait to hear what colors Jessica will use in the wedding, before I can go to the store and get the rest of the things to finish it.
I spent a couple hours last weekend at my lss, Charleston Scrapbooking. I met Amber who works there. She and I enjoyed a good chat in between customers. She tried her best to sell a Cricut Expression. And I tried to help. I think this lady will buy one. I'm just not sure where she'll get it.
I had a great time shmoozin with the girls! It is so rare that I get out of the house, so when I do I make the best of it! But Amber and I just seemed to hit it off. we've traded blog addresses. Hey Amber! I got another scrap box thingy to store the Cricut cartridges in. But I forgot, and so did Amber, to get the insides of it. You know the piece that holds the Cartridges! So when I go back, I'll have to get that. Right now the cartridges are just rattling around in there! I don't want any of them damaged, so I'm careful with it. Does anybody know how fragile they are? I've never heard any one say anything about it.

Well, I'm off today to play in my stash. I hope every one enjoyed the Hello Thursday sneak peeks at the new cartridges coming out. I love the Wall Decor one! What beautiful pieces of art!
Well, ta ta for now, I wish you all well. Have a great weekend!


PenLight said...

Wow that was a lot of news. Prayers for your friend who lost his wife. That's so sad. I'm glad he has you. You've been busy. Hope you had fun playing in your stash.

maddy hill said...

So sad to hear about your friend Jessica xx and your comment was very touching on my blog xxxx

Hope your ok hunny xxxxxx and things get better for you x

keep ya chin up and go and enjoy your stash !!! I dont have much luck with my cricut , imsure it really hates me lol
love maddy xxxx

Marie Levite said...

Hi Ya Jess. Love the pic's. Can't wait to see what the wedding gift is.
I also want to thank you for always leaving such kind words about my daughter!! I really appreciate it and I think I'm going to make you an honorary Aunt because I know you are not old enough to be a granny!
p.s. send me your addy, I want to mail you a few things for your stash.

PenLight said...

I forgot to mention that I love the downtown charleston pictures. I miss living there so much. My kids eloped and were married at the pineapple fountain. Charleston gave me two of my DIL's. Can't wait to see your wedding gift.

Kristine said...

Hi Jessica, this is Kristine from Ink Something2! I am pretty sure that big cat stamp came from Eureka Stamps, but can't seem to find it on their website now. It was several years ago that I bought that. Sorry! I asked Sue from McMahon Five Designs if she could maybe draw a digi for us to use that would be similar? We'll see if that's where her mojo takes her, LOL! If not, I'm happy to stamp you some images and send in the mail. =) Just let me know!

Happy Stamping!