Sunday, May 2, 2010

That wasn't as hard as I thought it would be!

Well the funeral service and following luncheon are over... It was hard to get through, but the man who did the eulogy spoke as though he knew her well. That always makes a funeral service easier to get through. We, Zee's family and friends were all comforted by his words. I watched Darryl (to be sure he was OK through it all) and as time passed he sat more and more upright... As though the words of praise for Zee lifted him up too. 'The wind beneath my wings' wove through my mind as the service came to a close. Darryl was surrounded by his children and grand children and he got through it.
Afterwards, when Darryl and I spoke of Sarah, his beautiful granddaughter. His face absolutely lit up! So I know there is peace and joy in there that will help him through the grief.

Brad, their eldest son,(and Sarah's daddy) expressed his concern for Darryl, after everyone goes home. Brad lost his wife 2 years ago, so he spoke from experience. I told him I will keep in touch with Darryl. I'm hopeful that many others will too.

Now that the hardest part has been gotten through, life goes on. Or maybe the coming months and years will be the hardest...

During the luncheon I found myself thinking of all the things I could put on a scrapbook layout for Zee. When suddenly people were looking around the room, under the tables and chairs, saying there was a 'critter' in the room. It had been sitting under a chair when a woman sat down. Which startled the woman and the critter. It turned out to be a baby opossum! Most of the women were trying to stay as far away from it as they could. But Shelly, Darryl and Zee's daughter, walked calmly up to it and picked it up. She walked back through everyone, and got a box to keep it in, so she could release it back into the wild in a safer area.
It struck me how like Zee that was, she was always taking in strays. Animals or people, she had such a huge heart. I will miss Zee, as all of us will. I'm thinking I'll have to make it a mini book instead of just a page or two!

Thanks for all your prayers. Please keep Darryl and the family in your prayers.
I hope everyone had a great NSD and will enjoy your Sunday.


Enfys said...

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend Jessica, keeping you and her family in my thoughts at this time,
big hugs
En xx

Anonymous said...

Hey Jessica!! I found you!
Thanks for the comments on my blog! I look forward to following your as well and reading your posts.

Oh, and thanks for sitting with me at the store last week. It was really nice to talk to you!