Friday, June 18, 2010

When it pours!

What a month it's been!

First we got a call from Don's sister saying that their Mom has a problem with her shoulder.
Then they saw something unusual and did tests and it might be cancer, but probably not.
Then well if it is cancer, it's probably treatable.
Then oops! It is cancer!
Then she went to a different doctor.
Then it was stage 3 cancer.
To finally, now it's probably terminal!
It must have been like being mugged every couple of days for about 3 weeks!

So Bev's having tests this week to see what the true extent of it is. They're doing a couple of different scans this week. Then she's going in next Friday to get the results, and she would like Don to be there with her. And of course he needs to be there too. So he flies out next Thursday morning to go spend a week with her. I wish I could go too, just to be there for him. In fact I wish we could just move up there to help her through this. But... I have to stay with my mom.

Even though Don and I aren't married, we've been together for 8 almost 9 years now, and Bev has been the sweetest 'Mother in law'! Well maybe 'sweetest' isn't the right word, as she's not your average "sweetie pie". Not Bev, she's tough, she's still working everyday at 72! She's funny and kind and loves her children and grandchildren above all else. And she has taken me into her heart and family completely. So I wish I could be with her to help in any way I can. But well, it is what it is, I guess.

And as if that's not enough... there's been a crack in our dining room ceiling, right by our front door for several months now. I finally got someone from the office here to look at it. As they finally realized that it is a load bearing beam, it could be quite an issue. The guy came in Tues morning and started opening it up to see what was up...Well what does he find... termites... live termites. And lots of old damage as well. The fact that I saw, and reported, swarming termites to them last year, and they ignored it, makes me a bit angry. This could have been dealt with long before now.
So now, along with Don having to handle loosing his mom in the near future, and having to go away for a week. We have to move too!

We're hoping the management will work with us around his schedule. They've been kind enough to get us another apartment in the building right accross from ours. It's exactly the same as this one. So we don't have to worry about renting a truck to move across town. But it's still going to be an issue if they don't want to wait for Don to get back from Boston. But they've given us a big break on next months rent!!! So I can't imagine that they won't wait. They've given us the apartment in Bldg A because of mother's and my health issues. So I'm almost sure that they'll give us the time. The only thing they'll have to worry about is when the guy that's doing the repair will be able to do it.

Me being a glass half full kind of gal, I look for the good in all this. First the new apt. has trees all around it. So no sun streaming in the bedroom windows really early in the morning! I can't sleep much past 6:30 or so, unless I cover my face, and I hate that. Also, Don and I are getting the big bedroom this time. It has a half bath in it, and that will be great.
Also because the afore mentioned trees, we'll have a yard to sit in!!!!! Right now when we want to sit outside, we have to sit in the breezeway between apartments. That's not a terrible thing, but we have to share our outdoor experience with anyone who crosses through the breezeway. We're in good terms with our neighbors, so it's no a problem. It will be just so much nicer to have our own little 'yard' area. That's not something you usually get in apartment dwelling!

Well, I've got to get off the computer, as our daily thunder shower is blowing through. I wish you all a good day and weekend to come. And please say a prayer for Don's mom and thier family.


eiyiyi said...

Sounds more like a hurricane than rain! I'm so sorry that you all are going through this. You'll be in my prayers and my reiki too. hugs, eileen

Sherry said...

Defenitly keeping you all in prayers. I'm so sorry this is happening. Poor Don. If you need anything...I am here!

Marie Levite said...

Jess I am sending you a great big hug. Too much on your plate...I will keep you in my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Sorry you and Don have to go through this hard time. Looks like you have a wonderful positive outlook though, and that will take you far!!

Hope to see you around the store soon again!

Enfys said...

Oh dear Jess, so sorry to hear of the bad times you and Don are going through right now. Sending big hugs to you
En xx