Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wow almost 1,000 visits!

I'd never have believed I've have that many visits. Of course it could be the same two peeps visiting every day :) None the less it's pretty cool. Because if it is just the same few peeps visiting when ever I post, then they are pretty nice peeps! Any way, thanks to you all who have visited and left me love. I really appreciate your comments. It's like having a good friend hug me, just when I need it! It truely makes blogging worth the effort! Thanks so much y'all!

So we're in the middle of the move. I have to pack the bathroom in a bit, then the rest of my craft goodies. Then probably the bits and bobs in our bedroom. Then to finish getting mom packed. I don't think we'll be spending the night there tonight. We should get some of the furniture over this evening, but probably not the beds set up and the coffee maker and all the other important things we'll need to stay there. So we'll staying there tomorrow night.

The poor cats just don't know what's going on...Georgie, my old girl, is happy if she's got boxes to sit on. The taller the pile the better. Rebel is a scardey cat. She runs and hides in the laundry room when something is going on. She spent the day on the freezer yesterday, and the day before. You should see her run for it when she hears thunder! Scratching furiously at the door to get in. We leave it open a bit so she can get in.

Well I'm off to pack... some more.... You know the worst part. I've got boxes of books that haven't been opened in years. I always wanted a library, with a comfy chair. But that's probably not happening, so I'm going to donate them, some where.
So we've...or rather they, had to move them .... again.... So this is it, I've got to go through them and get rid of them. :( But I expect I'll live ha ha ha.

Ok, now I'm really off to pack. I hope y'all have a great day!


Sherry said...

I was visitor 1001!!! I hate moving girl. But if I could I'd surely help you! I'm like you in the book area. I've outgrown my bookcase. But I can't bear to part with my books so I'll just get a bigger bookcase lol!

I hope you love the new place and that Don has a safe trip home.

Keeping you all in prayers!

Anonymous said...

I have always hated moving as well. But at least it is just across the street!

Oh, and I hav always wanted a library too! All of my books are in boxe as well, but I just can't bring myself to part with them.

Enfys said...

I love moving! I hate to get rid of books though, they seem like old friends somehow. Good luck with the packing,
big hugs
En xx