Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm Baaaack!

Hey Y'all... well, you see it was like this... there was an approaching thunder storm and I was keeping it in mind so I could shut down the computer before it got here. So it was about 10 miles away, and I began to shut it down when a rogue streak of lightning hit the pole outside or the area where the electricity comes into the house... and the computer went off!!! And, of course, it wouldn't come back on! So we've been with out one for about 3 weeks. We went out the following weekend to check on the prices etc. Then it took Don another week to decide what he wanted to do. So this past Saturday and got the new tower. We got quite a deal I guess, so Don's happy. I'm just happy I'm back on the net!

I had 380 odd emails! And no I didn't read them all! After getting it hooked up and trying to figure out window's 7, I went up to Burger King to get some thing for Mom to eat. While sitting at the drive thru, I put the car in park. And much to my horror, it started making an awful noise... It doesn't do it when it's moving, only at an idle. So I came straight home and shut it down. I haven't started it again. Don seemed to think it was the air conditioner... me I thought it was the transmission. But after he listened to it again, he's decided it has "thrown a rod". Oh Boy! I know that's big bucks to fix. So it's new car time!

I'm not sure what it is, I just know it's a loud banging noise. And I also know that I don't want to be stuck on the road somewhere when it leaves me stranded! So I'm not going far from now on. So I'm going to have to shop on line until we get the new car! I'll only go when and where I have to go till then. You know like the doctor, or pharmacy and to get groceries (If I have to)

I got an HP with all these letters and numbers behind it... DKTP HP 5/50 AIO DMD ATHLON II (What ever that means!) and a 1 yr extended parts and labor, and the second year parts. Every one we know (who knows more about computers) says it was quite a deal. I can't remember how much memory and all that stuff. Which doesn't surprise me. I'm lucky I remember my shoe size! lol

There is a bit of a learning curve for Window's 7, but not too much. Someone told us it was "Window's for Dummies" and I think they were right :) Don is even comfortable with it and he only spent about an hour puttering with it. Not that I think he's a dummy, he's very smart. But he's not real comfy with computers. He's aftaid he'll break it. But he seems to be really happy with it.

I haven't done much blog hopping yet, but I'm off to see how every one is. I've really missed all you're sweet faces!

So I'm off to hop hop hop.
Hugs to all, Jess

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eiyiyi said...

Hey Jess, welcome back! Wow, the computer and the car both ... that definitely puts a crimp in your life and your wallet. Sorry you have to go through all this on top of the move. I love, love, love your new blog look! hugs, eileen