Monday, July 5, 2010


Well, we got moved... it only took a week! Don and I packed, then he started taking boxes over on the Monday and Tuesday after work. He was exhausted by Wednesday, so no toting that evening. He left for Boston on Thursday morning early.

Then I waited until my son, Pete, got off work on Thursday and he brought a friend. Thank heavens. They worked for a couple hours and went home.

Then Pete wasn't supposed to come on Friday, so my neighbors, Shirlee and Louis, were a God send. Louis has had his voice box removed and uses an electronic one. They are often hard to understand. But he'd step in the door and hold out his arms in a 'load me up' kind of posture and off we'd go.
I had to ask an upstairs neighbor to help Louis get our beds over so we could sleep in the new place that night. What a nice guy, he even put Mom's up so I wouldn't have to worry about her.

Then Pete showed up after all! So he and Louis worked at it for an hour or so. Before he had to leave, Pete came to me and said, "Momma, you're going to have to come get those cats into their carriers. I can't find them." One, my old girl Georgie, was already in her carrier where she'd been sleeping for 2 days. She's black so he didn't see her in there. (I figured they'd go in them easier if I just set them out a couple of days in advance.) But the little one, well I mean the younger one, she's not so little, was hiding behind the water heater in the laundry room. (Scared to death!) He was nervous that she might scratch him. But grabbed her by her scruff, then put her straight into the carrier. Worked like a charm. She wasn't happy, but the transfer was a piece of cake. She's settled in now, but for the first few days, every time the door was opened, she ran and hid under our bed!

Then on Saturday my son had to work. So I figured he wouldn't be over that day. But he came and brought two friends so they could get the heavy furnature like the washer, dryer and the ancient dressers and chests we all have! Heavy stuff! One of the cheasts is probably 100 years old, and shows only signs of repair, but no serious damage. They are holding up much better than the cheaper stuff made more recently.
So between Pete, Eric, James and Louis, the last of it was moved over so that on monday the guys could come in to the old place and start repairs.

Don spent a week with his Mom. Going with her to the doctors visit to get the info she and his sister couldn't remember. It doesn't look good. She has a small cell cancer that has matasticized down into her bowel. They'll be starting her on a round of chemo in hopes to get it into remission. Then she'll have to take chemo for the rest of her life if she wants to live.

Don had a Doctor appointment this morning, and spoke to him about her sort of cancer and what he should expect. He said that his mom probably has no more than a year to live. It's sad that I'm here stuck, as there's no one else to care for my mother. And Don has to be here when he'd obviously rather be there.

So more prayers for Ms Beverly please. And for Don and the rest of the family too. This will be a horrible year. I'm sending her cards every week or so, to keep her spirits up. I had thought about a card shower, but I don't think it's a good idea, she hates the fact that she's not invisible now. "The cancer makes every one change in the way they act around me."

So we've all just about settled in. I'm still missing a box from the kitchen. It's in Matthews room. He doesn't stay here much, so we have boxes stacked up around the edges of his kingsized bed! Hopefull we'll be able to get in there today to get it straight and find that missing box!

Well I'm off to play in the room. If I make enough noise, I'll wake Don, who should be up from his nap by now! lol
Hopefully next time I post I'll have some creations for you to see. I've only made what I had to, and never thought to take pix of them!
I hope you all had a great holiday! A young fellow set the woods behind us on fire with his fireworks! The fire engines were here twice last night! And they arrested one because he was aiming bottle rockets at someone! I swear I don't understand that even thought they are illegal in this area, they still sell them at Walmart and at roadside stands around the area. It's ok to sell them, but not to use them? Does that make any sense to you?
Well I really am off this time.
Hugs, Jessica


Anonymous said...

Glad you are moved into your new place.

Sending good vibes for Don's mother. I will keep her in my thoughts.

Enfys said...

Glad the move went well Jessica, prayers for Don't mum. Take care,
big hugs
En xx

2amscrapper said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Best wishes for all of the transitions going on in your life.

Sabrina said...

Hi Jessica, thank you for visiting my blog and your sweet comments on my posts. I truly appreciate. I'm sorry to hear about Don's mom, my prayers go to her. Take care, my new friend.

Hugs from Singapore,

Firenze said...

Happiness and sadness intermingled is a hard tote to bear - I do wish you and Don all things good in your new home and kindest wishes to his Mom. Thanks for leaving some love on my blog too.
Helen -- Firenze Cards