Saturday, March 5, 2011

Such a slouch!

That's me... such a slouch about posting on my own blog! I get so wound up in tuning in on other peeps blogs and websites. Plus I have about 50 emails to get through each day. (I know, some of you have WAY more than that!) But I get so excited about learning something new, or trying to get into participating in a challenge. Which is almost always too late by the time I get it ready. That's the reason I don't want to enter something with a deadline. That's me: Classic under achiever!
Add to that, I've tried several times to brush up these photos so they would be viewable here. I'm not sure I've done it. But I'm posting them anyway. I find it odd that on the camera, they look great, lighting is great etc. Then I get them onto the computer to upload... anywhere... and they are dark and blurry etc. I'm assuming it's my photo editing program. But there's not much I can do about that at the moment. So... without further ado, here's is my sweet little Great Grandaughter Hailey and her Mom and Dad(whom I had not seen in many years!) Oh and Nicole (Hailey's Mama) is making bows to sell. So if you like the one Hailey wore on that day, then let me know and I'll connect you and Nicole. Ok, now, really without further ado...

The first pic is of all my favorite boys...well men I guess. From left to right: Joseph (Pete's younger), Matt (my younger),Pete (the elder) and Michael, (Pete's elder.) Sounds like a bad novel! lol And of course Pete is holding his first grandchild, Hailey, as she slept. Then Hailey with her Daddy,(who was talking to his great grandmother). Then Hailey with Granddaddy after she just woke up. I do have several pix of Nicole, but she was so shy about them, that I didn't want to post them until I checked with her. I also have some 5 generation photos, but the lighting is really bad, so I don't want to upload them anywhere til I figure out how to fix them.

I have made some cards and am tryng to finish a set for my friend Mike to use to raise money for a cause that is near and dear to him. I think I've found the perfect focal for them all, and as soon as I get them stamped, colored and mounted I'll be sending them out. I've also had a bit of a re-shuffle with my scrappy leftovers. I have a plastic set of drawers of the type you get at Walmart or the like. Though the piece is large, it isn't meant to hold heavy things. So I've switched around where I keep my paper scraps.

Well, I hope you enjoy looking at my kids, grandkids and Great-Granddaughter. I promise next time it'll be all about creating!
I just got my Gypsy, so I'm learning how to use it. It won't be long before I'll have made some things with it. There have been a few near misses with the size of the cut. But I'll get it.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope you are all well, and are enjoying warmer weather!
Hugs, Jessica

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Marie Levite said...

So glad that you reconnected with your family Jess. Your photo's are great~family love is shining through!
Enjoy th Gypsy. Can't wait to see what you make with it.