Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Well, I've been among the missing for several weeks as I've been ill...very ill. In short, I went to the hospital in an ambulance...had pneumonia and was sceptic! They told my family to gather as being sceptic can kill you... quickly.
I was in ICU for a week. Then they sent me to a rehab facility to make sure I could walk without falling down! lol Then home.
The problem was they were afraid to give me antibiotics because I have some alergies. So they didn't give me enough to get me better. So after I was home for a week and my brain stopped working... I didn't know who I was, where I was...what year or day it was.. who the president was... etc. (Nor did I care!). So my sweet family took me to a different hospital as they weren't happy with the docs at the first one. This time they did all sorts of tests, kept me for 5 or 6 days. They decided the brian issue was related to all the pain meds I'd taken over the years. I'd taken MSContin for about 10 years! You can't take opiates without them effecting your brain. So they took me off them...the withdrawal wasn't wonderful... but it wasn't terrible either. And I'm happy not to be taking them anymore.
Pain...sure I have pain... and lots of it... but I just take over the counter stuff like Aleve. I still have to take meds for the nerve pain in my feet... I'd forgotten how bad it could be! But that's ok... I'm glad its there to take.
It also helps me sleep...which I wasn't doing. From the time I came home from the rehab hospital, then the last hospital, I hadn't slept more than a couple of hours at a time. When you don't sleep...well it's just not good. So after about 2 weeks when I finally got a good nights sleep...I began to feel I might live!
I was still fighting a low grade temp every day and some other issues that weren't clearing up as they should. So I called my family doc for some more antibiotics on Monday, and can already feel the difference.
I guess the pneumonia was so bad that there were black streaks in my lungs! They said there may not be any coming back from that... well you know I'm stubborn right...But all prayers are appreciated!!!!!

I'm sorry to have droned on and on...I just thought this might be the best place to let everyone know what's going on with me.

However... on a more positive note... Saturday is my Great Granddaughter's first birthday party. So we're going down to their house for her party. I'm excited to see them. I haven't seen them since Hailey was 4 or 5 mos old. They only live a couple hours away, so when I'm better and able to drive, I'll be going down to see them more often. That's the plan anyway.

Well, I hope this finds you all well and happy or resonably so... I haven't done anything creative in a very long time. I have to make a card for Hailey, so hopefully I'll get back into it soon.
Hugs to well

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Enfys said...

Hi Jess,
Popped by to see if you are feeling better now, I sure hope so. The crafty itch will come back pretty soon, but in the meantime, take care
En xx