Friday, January 20, 2012

January update!

Well I finally got back here after a very long lazy holiday period. I had a lot of things to create for Christmas gifts so I didn't get as much time on the computer as I normally do. And I still didn't get it all finished! There just wasn't enough time.
So here I am with picures of some of those gifts. Most of them were layouts to add to their already existing albums. I made a new album for my grandson Michael and his wife. I've already done a couple more layouts for their book. Then I made a Toy Box mini album for Pete with pix of our sweet little Hailey's first birthday party. She has him wrapped right around her little finger. I'll share some pix of that project. And I've now finished Matt and Tina's Toy Box mini. Which I'll give to them on his birthday. Of course the second one looks better than the first. Which is the way it goes. I imagine that if I make another one, it'll be better still. It was way more fun the second time around. I got the pattern and instructions from Kathy at Paper Phenomonon. If you haven't seen her do not walk to her website! She is so creative.
So here goes the photo uploads...I hope...I never know how it will go...

The first pic is (of Course) out of sequence. It's the top of Pete's Toy Box. Next is an empty page for my grandson Joseph's girlfriend. And then 2 pages for Joseph of a trip to NC to visit Michael. Almost 10 years ago...Oh am I that old...
Then the first page in Michael and Nicole's album. It's of Hailey at her first birthday tears.It's one of my faves.

Next is a pic of Pete looking at his album. Next are pix of the album and it's box.

Finally there is another page for Joes girlfriend,Linda. They're matching pages. One of these days I'm going to figure how to get the pix in the right spots! lol Or not.
Then the last few are of the pages for Matt n Tina's family album. Which is also new this year.
Next post I'll have pix of the Toy Box I made for Matt and Tina. Till then I hope you enjoy looking.


Enfys said...

Hi jess, wow, you have been busy! Fabulous projects, I bet they were thrilled with them
Enfys xx

MaggieC said...

I am just amazed that you found the time and energy for all that work when you had been so poorly. good for you. Determination plays a very big part in recovery. Keep going, girl, don't let them beat you. xx Maggie #30

ChristineCreations said...

What a beautiful thing to create pages and albums for your family! What a treasure for them and you!

Sherry -Aunt Elmo- said...

Strange - somehow I was not a "follower" but could see your blog update in my blogger...don't know what happened but now I am a follower again and this time I can comment w00t!

At any rate - you have been quite the busy girl! I think since October I've managed to cut out a mustache - lol! One of these days I hope to get my mojo back - some energy too.

Love that you made an album - wasn't it so much fun?! I bet Pete cherishes it forever. Cute cute cute!

(my word to put in the little word verification is I the only one that finds that a little funny?)

Ellen said...

Fabulous projects!! you were a busy girl!! i especially love the title of your SB's my party!