Sunday, February 15, 2009

Who are the story tellers, the history savers?

In my mom’s generation, her oldest sister, Sue, was the immediate family historian. She and their cousin, Norine. Norine gathered a great deal of information which she put in a 28 page booklet. She used the info to prove her lineage back to the Revolution, so she could join the Daughters of the American Revolution. (DAR).
This booklet was written in 1969. My oldest son, Peter, born in Dec 1968, is the last great-great-grandchild listed! It really causes an interesting feeling, seeing your name, your whole family’s names, in print!
I have an original copy of this booklet! Using the info in it, I have been able to trace a branch of my family back to 1660 France! I also have many stories that have passed from many family members to my Aunt Sue, then to me. I am in the process of writing all these stories down to pass them on to my children. I will also send copies to my only remaining cousin, and her niece. So they can add their own birth, marriage and death info. My youngest son, Matthew, will probably be the one to carry on the tradition of keeping the stories alive. He seems to be the one who cares the most about old, and historical things. I have already told him that he is to take the best possible care of our albums. And he assures me he will. He loves all the photos, old and new. I will also speak to Peter and his son Joseph, about them. I think if they know how important they are to me, they will be sure to take care of the stories.

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