Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Keeping up and keepin it together

Hey everyone, I'm sorry for not posting for awhile, but my brain has been elsewhere. It's silly, but when I look at other's blogs, I wonder why they haven't posted more recently. Then when I looked at the last time I posted, I realized that life just must be lived. It will get in the way of everything else!

I haven't posted recently because two of my friends are going through some really hard times. A new friend, (and you know who you are), has just had her son diagnosed with one of the Autism spectrums disorders. She is having a very hard time figuring out how to help him and deal with all the fall out from the situation too. She has been on my mind and in my heart constantly. There's not much I can do as we live in different states. So I'm doing what I can. Sending cards and emails to let her know she is loved.

The other is a very old friend, we've known each other for about 30 years. Our kids grew up together. I just recently heard that she's been diagnosed with lung cancer. She's been taking chemo and radiation treatments for about a month. The doctors say that the prognosis is good. But dealing with chemo and radiation is horrible to say the least. I'm not able to get out much as I can't leave my mother, so I can't go visit. Her throat is sore and she can't just sit and chat like we used to anyway. Her hubby has been her rock as she puts it. I expected nothing less as I know how much he loves her.

So it's best just to pray, and send both my friends cards and emails. To let them know they are loved.

In the meantime, along with caring for my mother, I have been feeling petty depressed and so must deal with my own demons too. So...things are a bit overwhelming, and as a result there have been no posts here.

But I guess blogs are all about keeping a log of our lives. So this is my life right now, while praying for the ones I love, and giving it to God.

My next blog post may be a little happier. But right now, this is all I've got.
I hope all who read this, will take time out to be in touch with those you love. Just let them know you care. And if you need some love....just tell someone you trust, you don't have to be alone.

Take care, and I hope you all have good days.


Denise said...

Hey Jessica.....YOU are not alone. YOU are a wonderful friend and person. Sending you some virtual hugs to help through the day.

eiyiyi said...

Aw Jessica. I'm sorry things are so ratty. Both of your friends will be in my thoughts and prayers, as will you. ((((((hugs to you)))))


Enfys said...

Oh Jessica, I am sorry you are going through a bad time sweetie, sending love and big hugs your way
En xx