Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hack, cough, sneeze, cough......etc etc etc

Well I finally got the cold. It took me over a week, and I thought I had skated through without it. But I wasn't so lucky! I started with an ear ache yesterday. I was hoping it was only because I had the car window down yesterday. Not! This morning I woke up sounding like James Earl Jones with a frog in his throat!
I don't feel so good, so of course, I have to do laundry, and clean up the spots on the carpet where mother spilled coffee. Of course she swears she didn't do it. She's the only one that takes coffee to her room. She carries her cup dangling from her hand as she walks. So there's about 25 spots on this awful beige carpet! I got her a cup with a lid so she wouldn't spill, and what does she do...she lays the lid on it, instead of putting it on properly. So There's stride, splash, stride, splash...all the way down the hallway! And, of course, because I don't feel well, it's so much worse than it would be otherwise. So I haven't been crafting for the last couple of days, and I guess I won't be for the next couple either. Don said his cold went just as quickly as it came. He had it for about 3 or 4 days then it was gone! I hope it works that way for me too. And I hope nobody out in blogland gets it. It's not terrible, I just feel ucky in general. Or as my Dad used to say "I've got a general feeling of all overish-ness!" So I'll be back in the next day or two... I hope.
Be well everyone.

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eiyiyi said...

A warm blanket, a soft couch, a hot drink and a good book. Feel better soon. hugs,eileen