Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Oh Goodie (she said sarcastically)

Don woke me this morning saying he was having cheast pains! So I got up in a rush and got mother her morning breathing treatment and her breakfast. Then off we went. As it turns out it was probably an anxiety attack. But you have to check it out. They've transferred him to their bigger facility where they have a cardiac unit. They'll keep him overnight and then he do a stress test tomorrow. Then they'll probably send him home. I think it's a good thing since his dad and all four of his grand parents had heart disease. So it's probably a good thing that we get a baseline stress test. As well as certain knolwedge about what's going on in there. I think since he's nearing the age his dad was when he passed has got him nervous. He says not, but he had an anxiety has to be someting. So I just thought I'd pass on the info here. And if you are praying folks, you could say one for my sweetie! I'll let you know as soon as there's anything to know.

Take care of yourselves.


Sherry said...

Defenitly keeping you all in my prayers. I know this is so scary. I've been through it twice now! If you need to know my numbers - call ANYTIME.

Take care of you too!!

*big huggles*

eiyiyi said...

He'll definitely be in my prayers and if it's OK with you, I'll send him reiki as well. I'm here if you need me. hugs, eileen

Bev Gerard said...

Sounds like a very good plan.
Prayers for sure.