Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hey everyone

I'm sorry that I haven't posted since I got Don home from the hospital. Life's little ups and downs just like everyone else...

Don's doing very well. He told me yesterday, "I feel almost back to normal!" I asked him what he meant. He said he had been feeling like there was still something wrong with him. I suspect that he thought he'd be able to do the things he had always done before, right out of the hospital. I kept telling him not to push himself, that Angioplasty is an invasive proceedure. And he should take it easy. He of course, understands that intellectually. But he's never had to "KNOW" it before. It amazes me sometimes that he's made it past 50 without a major illness or injury! How lucky he's been! Oh, he had lots of football injuries, and a car accident or two, but they weren't too bad. So he just did what young men do... he "Walked it off". You know...play with a broken wrist, or finger, or pulled muscles..etc etc etc! What he did was ignore everything. But now he's learning there are some things that you can't ignore!

I guess the difference in us is that I've had a painful back problem since I was a small child. And it has followed me all through my life. Along with several other health problems along the way that made me aware of just what my limitations are. He hasn't had those. So with this illness, it's all new to him. I guess his learning curve was pretty steep! But he's doing really well, and already losing weight. We've been eating healthier since I was diagnosed with diabetes in December. He looks like he's lost 10 to 15 pounds...he's looking really good. Me...not so much! I've lost about 5 pounds....in my hands. My rings are always falling off!

I was eating ice cream just about every day until November, when I realized how much weight I'd gained. I stopped eating it at all. Along with all things sugary, since December. I don't eat any sweets. Just fruit and some pretzels. It's all fruits, veggies and lots of water. And do I look like I've lost weight???? No not even a pound! It's very irritating! He has always found it easy to lose weight.(And I'm really happy for him.) However, I look like I've found all he's lost, and am storing it in case we have another ice age!

Well, anyway, we are all well. Mother's 90th birthday is on April 3! So I'm trying to figure out what kind of cake or pie or something that she can enjoy, but won't hurt Don or I if we have a bit. Anyone got any ideas? I'm open to some good recipes.

So that's about all for now. I think I've got a couple of pix on the new camera, but I really haven't been scrapping much lately. I have, however, joined a swap so I've got to get off my hind parts and get busy...well I need to get onto my hind parts, but in a different chair....:)

I hope all is well with you and yours. Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs to you all!

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Enfys said...

So glad Don is feeling back to normal Jess. I was reading an article in the paper here today which says that the reason some people can eat anything and not put weight on, while others can't shift it, is all to do with the bacteria in the gut. They advised eating these probiotic yogourts, and take 2 tablesppons of vinegar, yes, vinegar every day. The aceitic acid encourages the liver to burn fat - allegedly! Don't sue me if it doesn't work!!
En xx