Wednesday, March 24, 2010


These are all cards I made for Cricut Card Fairy Army missions. Except the Hello Kitty card. That one was for my neice who loves Miss Kitty. She's not a 'little' neice, but she still loves Hello Kitty and Strawberry Shortcake too! So she'll probably get cards with cuts from this cartridge for the next 10 years! lol or until we are both sick of it! lol
I have a couple more pix of some cards but this is already a big post so more next time!

Now here are a couple pix of my scrap space after I changed things around so that my stamps are all on a shelf. I'm hoping I'll use them more since I can see them. It's already worked. They are in cd cases across the second shelf! Holy cow do I have a lot of stamps. And I still have a half dozen sets that are still on wood that I don't want to change.


Sonia said...

I found your blog in another site, beautiful blog.
Great creations!
Love the Little Princess, Hello Kitty and the Flowers cards.


Summer Loving Gal said...

Holy mackerals you have a lot of stamps! LOL Great organization you have Jess! I'm stuff has to stay packed away and dragged out to use which many times stops me from creating. BEAUTIFUL cards!!!